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Beginning the Fundraising…And the flights 4 April, 2010

Filed under: Preparation — meggshe @ 5:09 pm

So, as I mentioned, I need to raise £1,200, plus flights. Flights seem to cost around £700.

I’ve already started raising money – I had a ceilidh last weekend, and we sold baking, books and dvds. I’ve just done the final count of the money raised, and I’ve got £428 (not including about £60 in IOUs!). £250 of that is going to the ceilidh band who played for us (they were fantastic, and almost left without getting paid!!).

I’ve just got off the phone with the travel company, and we have 5 seats booked, provisionally, on direct flights to Bangkok! It’s getting quite exciting now, I think it’s beginning to sink in that I’m actually going. The flights we have are direct, and only £584, so it’s a pretty good deal. I’m still not completely sure how this whole booking flights thing works, because I had to tell the woman that I was with Tearfund, and then she looked me up in the system and was like ‘You aren’t in the system…you need to get someone from Tearfund to confirm that this can go on the invoice’ which sounds like Tearfund pays for it and then we pay them..Which was not the way we were told it would happen…But I’ve emailed our team co-ordinator at Tearfund, so I guess I’ll find out what he has to say on the matter!

That takes the current fundraising aim to £1,784. So not as much as I first expected, but it still seems a huge figure. I’m going to set up a just giving page soon, so if you would like to donate some money to my trip, check back here!



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