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a new fundraising idea 15 April, 2010

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So my sister came up with another idea of how I could raise money. Find out approximately how much the average person in rural Thailand lives on each day, and spend a week living with just that amount. Get you guys to sponsor me, and I’ll blog each day to let you know how I’m getting on. I really like this idea, because it’ll probably end up being quite a amusing for you to watch me try, but it will also give me an insight into how people live, the people that I will be meeting and living with for a month.

So I’ve been researching, and the minimum wage (which is pretty much what people in rural areas get paid) is 157baht. Exchange rate is about 1baht=2p. Therefore the average thai person lives on around £3 per day. And so will I, for a week. Obviously, there are some things that I can’t change – like my rent and bills. But I will try not to use electricity, like I won’t watch TV, or use my computer (except for uni work, because I have to, and to update this blog), and maybe I’ll start using matches and candles to see, rather than the lights. So then the £3 I have each day will need to cover food and drink, and travel costs. That doesn’t seem very much, especially considering I can easily walk into uni each day. But if you really think about it, and consider that I won’t be eating anything that I don’t buy with this £3, that’s not really a lot of food. In my local supermarket, you can buy two blocks of cheese for £3. Or a box of kelloggs cereal.

The rules are going to be as follows:

I am not allowed any advances on money, so on the first day I will have only £3 and can get no more.

But, I can save money, for example, I need at least £2.50 to get to church, so I can save money so I can afford the train and also still have enough to eat

I can eat no food that I already have – my kitchen cupboard will go untouched for the week.

I cannot watch any television or do any recreational things on a computer. This could be rather difficult, as I do spend the majority of my time working on the computer for uni!

I will not be allowed to use our washin machine – any washing must be done by hand.

..I think that should be enough!

Now, in terms of sponsoring me…You could give me a lump sum for my efforts, or sponsor me a certain amount per day (there is, of course, a chance of my failing…miserably!). You can donate the money, either through my JustGiving page (link is on the right…), or you can send me a cheque (ask me for my address), or, if you can find me you can give me cash. Just make sure you tell me it’s for Thailand!

Also, Yvonne reminded me that I haven’t told you when it’s going to happen…oops. I’m thinking the 28th April (for a week, as mentioned earlier), because then I’m still in classes for a few days so people around me will be able to see me actually doing it, and it will create different challenges then if I’m just studying for exams.

thanks, friends.


3 Responses to “a new fundraising idea”

  1. suz Says:

    wahoo! £3 a day is pretty sweet- it’s better than £1. or 50p. 🙂 i’ll look forward to seeing how you do…

    (thanks for giving me the credit!! haha)

  2. Yvonne Says:

    This is a great idea Meggie! (well done Suzi) I wish you all the best with the week – when does it start? I’ll see about getting to your just giving page for a wee donation.

    ps. nice page…i know computer science is your course, but still!

  3. meggshe Says:

    Thanks Yvonne 🙂

    I haven’t quite figured out when I’m going to do it, possibly in about two weeks. I want to do it while I’m still in classes, so then people around will be able to see my efforts and will be more likely to sponsor me, and also then it’s still going to be a challenge – with getting to uni each day etc. But then that doesn’t leave very long to get sponsorships.

    I’m thinking probably start on wednesday the 28th..

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