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I’m actually going to Thailand..! 20 April, 2010

Filed under: God,Preparation — meggshe @ 10:09 am

Morning folks,

So you’ll know that I had flights provisionally booked last week, however it didn’t work out for us – I made the decision to let those flights go, because I was getting really stressed with not knowing whether each team member could afford them at the time, or if they would actually get round to pay for them on time, and it got to just an hour to go until we had to have paid for all 5 seats, and I hadn’t managed to get hold of everyone, so I let them go. However, I have now found the same flights for cheaper – score! And we are currently paying for these flights! So far at least one person has paid, and everyone else knows about the flights and how to pay, and that they have to pay by 5pm. All that’s left for me to do is make sure everyone has paid, and to pay for my own flights. Unfortunately, that means going into my overdraft…! I actually haven’t yet raised enough money to pay for my flights, which is why I need all you lovely people to come and find me and give me sponsorship money for my ‘week as a poor Thai person’ (I need to find a snappier name for that…).

But, I’m not really worried about money. I believe that God wants me to be in Thailand this summer, so I am going to rely on His power and grace to provide me with what I need to get there. At the moment, that is primarily money. But it also prayer, support, and wisdom. And many other things.


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