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here goes nothing! 27 April, 2010

Filed under: Preparation — meggshe @ 10:34 pm

So tomorrow I start my next fundraiser. £3 a day for a whole week. I think I’ve only just kind of realised how hard this could be, because I’m so used to coming home from uni, and going on my computer, checking facebook (like a million times a day..), watching some TV with Alix, playing games on my iPod. I hope this week will make me realise that I don’t need all this technology so much, and maybe I won’t take it all for granted as much as I currently do.

I will be updating every day, so you can follow my achievements and struggles, and see when I fail! There may be a couple of times when I break it, for example I’m having friends over on saturday night, and we planned on getting a takeout and watching dvds etc, but I doubt I’ll be able to afford pizza, and I’m not allowed to watch TV or use my computer for dvds…so that could be a fun night!!

I was asked today what I would do if I managed to save money at the end of the week, and I decided that any money I manage to have left over will go directly towards my trip. I doubt it’ll be more than a couple of quid, if I manage to save anything!

Again, if you want to sponsor me, just go to my justgiving page.



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