Being Transformed

Started with Thailand, now on to life!

Day 1: “You’re not going to shower for a week?!” 28 April, 2010

Filed under: Fundraising,Preparation — meggshe @ 2:24 pm

Alright, it’s day one. So far I have spent 98pence, on a sauage roll and a donut. I managed to not switch on the light this morning, or to use my computer. However, the morning is the easiest – all I’m doing is getting dressed and going out to uni, so there’s not much temptation in terms of watching TV, or playing games on the computer. (11am)

It’s now 3pm, and I haven’t spent any more money. We’ve been in the lab all day, working on an assignment. I was being told off earlier for being on the BBC website, apparently if I want to read the news I have to buy a newspaper with my ‘wages’..! It’s been quite hard to stop myself going onto facebook, or just taking time out to play a game or two. My plan for tonight is to go in about an hour and get something to eat, before coming back into the lab, or somewhere around uni, and reading my book for a few hours before the worship night tonight. I wasn’t going to go, but I realised that its going to be a lot harder to stay off facebook and the TV if I go home now, rather than staying in uni until late. Then I can just go home and go to sleep!

I survived day one! I made it with 34p to spare, survived on a second greggs and a packet of cheap biscuits. It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but then again, I did get a lift home after the worship. I figured, it was dark out and it wasn’t really sensible for me to be walking home alone, plus I am allowed to accept offers that people make – and Laura offered…


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