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2:You’d better not be cheating! 29 April, 2010

Filed under: Fundraising,Preparation — meggshe @ 6:43 pm

I got a text this afternoon, from my friend Susie (not my sister…) saying you better not be cheating :p xx which made me laugh. I promptly replied saying that of course I wasn’t, that I was being good and just reading my book. I have, in fact, spent all day reading. I’ve read a whole Cecelia Ahern book, and about a 3rd of Jane Austen’s Mansfield Park. And I’m not bored of reading yet. Being on my computer, however, is a big temptation, which is why I am writing this and then shutting it down as fast as possible!

Obviously, I haven’t spent literally every minute of today reading. This morning, I woke up at 8.40, opened my curtains a little (not so much that the builders can see in!) and read for a couple of hours. Then I showered, dressed and went to the shop. I bought uber cheap spaghetti (only 41p!!) and some pasta sauce, along with a bar of chocolate, which totalled at just under £2. This saving thing is kind of working! Unfortunately, I forgot to get anything for my breakfast tomorrow…Might need to go out again and buy something. I have also been creative today – I paper-mached a couple of skulls, for Alix. It takes me back to my childhood, when we used to paper-mache on our big dining table – which we still have, and I’m pretty certain it still has some permanantly stuck-on bits of glue from our paper-mache days.

Maybe I’ll go wash the massive pile of dishes in the kitchen…Or do I have to buy washing liquid before I can do that?!


2 Responses to “2:You’d better not be cheating!”

  1. mum Says:

    Hi Sounds like you´´re doing ok – are you allowed to reply to texts??
    I´´m sure studying is allowed (can´´t do a cheeky face on this weird spanish keyboard)
    speak soon x x x

    • meggshe Says:

      Cheek! Yeah still using my phone as normal. And of course studying is allowed :p but todays my day off!! You can’t expect me to work all day every day…Enjoying your lovely, relaxing holiday in warm sunny Tenerife?! xx

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