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3: you’re not allowed to have ANY fun?! 30 April, 2010

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Today is another day at uni, and I had to leave my flat at like 8.15…I was pretty shattered, walking along the road. However, I had over £4 to spend today (whoop!) so I went to greggs (this is becoming a theme…) and got breakfast. This morning I had a sausage roll – nothing else is as cheap! I’ve just been at lectures and labs most of the day, and the computers are going crazy, so I couldn’t get a computer.

However, my friends decided to waste time on (if you don’t want to be distracted, don’t go there!!), and kept wanting me to help! I couldn’t, and still can’t, decide if that was allowed or not. I had to then explain what I was doing to one of the guys in our group, and when I kept getting frustrated at not being able to play sporcle, he came out with ‘so you’re not allowed to have any fun?!’, to which I replied ‘well, I can read books…’

My friends are coming over tomorrow, and I discovered today that neither of them have paper-mached before – so I’m gonna teach them! They’re both very excited…I honestly think they were deprived as children. Maybe it’s just Greater Glasgow kids..I’m hoping to save some money from today so I can afford pizza tomorrow night, otherwise I’ll be begging them for a slice or two.

My plan for the rest of the day is to walk home via sainsburys or somerfield, and get a nice snack to have for my dessert (after my dinner of spaghetti and sauce), then I will hopefully have a couple of pounds left over. Tonight, Alix has to entertain me, so we’re going to the park and then going to play board games all night long 🙂 it’s gonna be a good night!


One Response to “3: you’re not allowed to have ANY fun?!”

  1. Dad Says:

    Fun is always found when you decide not to spend money on lots of gadgets but enjoy the simple things in life! For example watching little kids play in the pool and resisting all (and I mean ALL) attempts to get out the pool when everyone else has departed and their parents are cold and hungry. Reminds me of all the fun we had trying to get you and your sister out of that pool….

    Hope you are enjoying the simple things now. I have jsut about finished the dark materials trilogy – it´´s very good

    love you

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