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5:With regard to the spirit, boiling 2 May, 2010

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I took the train.

By the time I went to bed last night, I had decided to take the train. I woke up feeling a little ill, so that affirmed my decision. I did, however, only go back to town after church, and walked home from town.

So today at church, our minister Stuart was preaching on Romans 12:9-13. he started by debating two verses in the passage – one is the quote for today ‘with regard to the spirit, boiling’. This is the literal translation of v11b. Stuart was basically debating what the word spirit means in this context – either the human spirit, or the Holy Spirit. He concluded the debate by deciding that it didn’t matter – the whole context was about where we (as Christians) get our strength from. We do get strength from God, but we can also find strength in our own spirit – because we have received the Holy Spirit into ourselves. That’s why it doesn’t matter which spirit this means – they both work!

I feel refreshed by church today, to be able to just spend time with God and to see other friends is really nice. I was getting really frustrated last night, after the girls had gone, just because I was bored and I’m getting a bit annoyed by the whole not being able to play games on the computer, or watch tv. I think I need to find another activity that allows the brain to switch off without getting bored!!

Today I have managed to save 47p, after buying train tickets and some dairylea (yum!)


One Response to “5:With regard to the spirit, boiling”

  1. Lorna Says:

    Im amazed that your copping so well. I couldn’t do 3pound a day. Only to more days. x

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