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6:Haven’t seen a pair of skates in years! 3 May, 2010

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Today has been…long, fun at times, boring at times. I managed to wake up at 8am again, can’t seem to stop! I read my book for a few hours, finished it, then got dressed. Alix and I went to the park, where I studied and admired the dogs (seriously, I really want a dog!) and she skated. We got a few funny comments from people walking in the park, and at one point Alix got harrassed by a lovely collie dog – she was fascinated by a person on wheels and started chasing and barking at Alix. I was in stitches!

I’ve also started studying for my exams, the first of which is next tuesday. I feel like I know quite a lot, so I’m not too worried. All this busy-ness today has stopped me from spending any money – whoop! However, I am going to go to ths shop this evening to get something for dinner – spaghetti is so dull! But I need to buy enough to last me until wednesday, because I need £2.95 for the train tomorrow. We’re going out for Russells birthday, and to get to the place we’re going (it’s a surprise!) it costs £2.95 for a return…boo! It should be fine though, as long as I take a snack and a drink with me, so I don’t get hungry, and as long I spend todays money sensibly, I should be grand to finish this without failing!

There is, after all, only one full day remaining! I have failed a little today – I got really bored and started playing a game on my iPod…but only for about 10 minutes, then I started feeling guilty…My iPod has since run out of battery, so I won’t charge it again until tomorrow night. That should stop me from getting distracted!


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