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7:I’ve been doing some packet sniffing.. 4 May, 2010

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So it’s the last day, and my day has been spent studying. I also wrote a letter, and did some uni work that has no relevance to exams…honestly, it was just to distract me from the monotony of studying! I was using wireshark to sniff packets. It sounds really weird, but it’s actually quite interesting. Now, if only someone would come home so I could see if I can packet sniff on our network, and see what they are doing…

I’m going out in just over an hour, to Russell’s birthday shindig, which will be fun. It’ll be good to socialise. Hopefully I won’t be home too late, because I could do with doing some more work before bed. Then it’ll be back to normal tomorrow! Tomorrow I need to phone the doctor about my vaccinations, so hopefully I’ll be able to tell you more about that soon. I’m dreading the affect it’s going to have on my dwindling bank account!

I’ve also been learning some more Thai, and discovering that it’s all about how you say the words, rather than what you say. So I’ve been practising out loud – thankfully both flatmates are out, so they don’t think I’m crazy! I’m quite excited at putting my skills to the test, although worried that I’ll have been doing it all wrong…



One Response to “7:I’ve been doing some packet sniffing..”

  1. Dad Says:

    Will anything ever be normal after the changes you have rung this week? Sounds like this has been a good week – hope some of the changed patterns will stick….

    btw you can pay me the air fare when it suits as I don’t want to be the cause of too big an overdraft.

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