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updates on the situation 14 May, 2010

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I just got an email from our guy at Tearfund (Matt – he’s organising our trip), updating us about the situation. At the moment, it’s still all up in the air. Matt spoke to the organisation in Thailand, and they said that from their point of view, there is no reason why we shouldn’t still be able to go. The problem currently lies in Bangkok – we have to travel through Bangkok to get anywhere, and it’s just not safe at the moment. The government in Thailand are trying to stop the violence and break up the protesters camp, but no-one reallys knows whats going to happen. One of the key things that has happened is the closing of the British Embassy – the camp is very close to the embassy, so they have closed for safety reasons.

Tearfund are still monitering the situation, and it looks like everything is on at the moment, but we won’t know anything for definite until just before we go. This waiting game is starting to frustrate and worry me.

Just found this on the BBC website:


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