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vaccinations 23 May, 2010

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On friday I went to the doctors, thinking I was going to discuss vaccinations and cost etc. I left with two puncture wounds, one in each arm! Iam now successfully immune to Hep A, Typhoid, Diptheria, Tetanus and Polio. The nurse was really nice, we had a good bit of banter while talking about Thailand, and what I need done, and how to stay safe. However, the best part of the trip was that it cost me just £3. I only had to pay a prescription charge for the Hep A/Typhoid injection, which is really pretty good. However, the expensive ones are still to come – I need to phone the travel clinic tomorrow and try and get an appointment to get Rabies and Hep B, both of which are a course of vaccines, and probably both more than £50 each.

In other news, I got another email about visas and trip updates, basically saying that Tearfund will be discussing our trip in detail on the 1st June. They are going to take into account the reports from Siam Care (that, from their point of view, all is safe), the advice from the FCO (advising against all travel to Bangkok), and the situation at the time. Currently, the government appears to have cleared the protestors from Bangkok – they’ve certainly broken up the camp in the middle of Bangkok, and have started cleaning the city. However, the whole country is still in a state of unrest, and who knows what could happen over the coming weeks.

I know that, whatever happens, it’s in God’s hands.


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