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and so we arrive 1 July, 2010

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After a 5 hour train journey, an 11+ hour plane journey and a quick car journey, we arrived in our final destination in Thailand. I stayed in London the night before we flew, because I had to be at the airport really early. The hotel room was pretty depressing, so not the best start to the trip!

But, once I made it to the airport and we’d checked in I was much happier. We eventually got on the plane, and then must have missed our take-off slot because we ended up sitting on the runway for over an hour. When we were landing in Bangkok you could see parts of Thailand, and I was amazed at how much it looked like home from that angle. As soon as we got outside, however, I realised just how different it is!

We got picked up at the airport, and driven to our home in Bangkok. We will be staying here for 2 weeks, and then moving on to Phang Nga. So far since landing at 6am this morning (Thai time) the rest of the girls have slept, whilst I read my book. We’ve just had lunch at the Siam Care offices, and our orientation starts in just over an hour. The office here in Bangkok has internet, so that’s where I’m updating this from. Hopefully it means I will get the chance to update this fairly regularly over the next two weeks.

We’ve been told that our main activities are going to be home visits, teaching English and working in the office. We will also be doing some prision visits. I’m not sure how different our activities will be in Phang Nga.

I am currently very sweaty, and struggling with the heat. It’s very very humid here, and when we arrived this morning it was raining. It’s now completely dried, and is just hot and damp. Really not my favourite weather, but I trust God will help me to adjust.

Right now, I’m really looking forward to going to sleep tonight. I barely slept on the plane, and didn’t get a lot of sleep the night before – so tonight I’m going to have the best sleep ever, even more so because the air conditioning will be on!

I’m signing off now, and going back to chat to the team.

Thanks for all your support 🙂


One Response to “and so we arrive”

  1. Emma Says:

    Hey Meggie!

    Glad to hear you’ve arrived safely. Look forward to hearing more about your trip soon. God bless. Ems xx

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