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Photos! 13 July, 2010

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Thought you might like to see some of my photos so far…

First, of course, the Thailand flag:


This is my bed:

Some Photos from the Grand Palace..


Today, the school we’ve been teaching at gave us a proper big lunch – they got pizza and garlic bread, and we had Pad Thai…It was amazing:


The teachers, Adrienne (in the middle, in the purple top), and Susie (crouching) and Tasha (the other purple top, on the right)


an orange..


2 Responses to “Photos!”

  1. Vicky Says:

    That grand palace freaks me out a bit. The idols looks a bit scarey. I’ve not had much time to read your blog but I will try to catch up. Hope you are getting on well. God bless x

  2. Meggie Says:

    Haha yeah Vicky, the palace was weird. It was a beautiful place, and yet I could see how much they were trying to impress, and also trying to make sure everyone follows their rules. It was a bit weird being there, but in a way nice to see parts of another religion. But we’ve been to the palace and also to a temple, and I have no desire to go to any more!
    love you 🙂 thanks for the comment xx

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