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No more work! 24 July, 2010

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In the last week, I have seen more elephants, started peeling (from sunburn), slept pretty badly, booked a hotel, done some work on the Siam-Care website, packed some biscuits, taught English, spent lots of money, eaten very good food, eaten some bad food, had lots of freezing showers, been to the beach, been to James Bond Island, been on a boat, read a book, coloured in pictures, made worksheets, taken about 200 photos, collected about 1,500 photos, drank lots of water…The list could go on for a long time.

Life here is not boring, but it’s no where near as fast paced as Bangkok. I am really enjoying my time in the south, with the slow pace of life, and the beautiful beaches. It is so different to Bangkok, which I think can be expressed through photos:

Our local beach

PakPing Church was built by this group

Some of our work:

There are crabs on the rocks:

Mary and Susie at the beach,

Our PhangNga bay tour today:

So we have finished work, and the rest of our time here is going to be ours, until we leave for Bangkok on wednesday (5am start, 12 hour journey again…) and then for home on Thursday (12 hour flight…)

I might update again before we leave. Or I might wait until I get home, it depends on the time I have spare!


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