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Final Year 5 March, 2011

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So originally this blog was built for my trip to Thailand last summer. However I am soon going to need somewhere to run my final year project from, so decided I might as well turn this into something more regular. For now, most of the posts will probably be about uni and my project.

I may fail spectacularly at keeping this up to date. Or I may update it so often you all find it incredibly boring. However, for now I shall tell you that I had to spell-check ‘spectacularly’ and now the word has completely lost it’s meaning in my head and just sounds like a load of stupid noises.

So, first update. I am in final year. Most of you will know this! I am currently working on my final year project (dissertation) due on the 1st April (that will be an amazing day..). I am building (software-building, not actually building physically) a carbon footprint monitor. I have finished a basic version, and soon you will be able to see it and test it from this very site. However, before that happens I have to get my supervisor to check it and approve it for user testing. I am worried that he will be disappointed with my prototype (the official name for this basic version). It disappoints me, so I don’t see how he will be impressed. However it has also taken me over 6 weeks to build it. It has taken a lot of frustration, a lot of stress, a lot of time and a lot of energy.

My original vision was to have this amazing piece of software that could actually make it in the world, that maybe I could gain a small profit from, that maybe could make a difference in the world. As of yet, this software has not appeared. I am hoping that maybe I can make it in the next 4 weeks. It’s doubtful, however.

Anyway, I will hopefully be able to get it loaded onto here in the next week, and then I will begin pleading with people to test it! I will need two groups of volunteers to test it in two different ways…your reward will be my gratitude 😉


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  1. Anon Says:

    I’d prefer chocolate. Just saying. :-))

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